Read more about Olivia and and her credentials as a professional translator and what makes One Globe Translation Services stand out from the rest.


The Face Behind One Globe

Originally from Ohio, U.S., Olivia holds a B.S. from Kent State University in translation studies in Spanish and French with a minor in professional and technical writing. She has lived in Belgium, Paris, and Colombia for different lengths of time and currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.


Olivia has studied her working languages of French and Spanish for over eight years and continues to develop language skills in several others.


She has a passion for traveling and has used that passion to fuel her work: to help businesses in the tourism and hospitality industries reach clients in the English-speaking world with creative and natural-sounding translations of marketing materials. She recently completed an M.S. in Digital Marketing from HTL International.



One Globe Translation Services LLC is a registered business in Ohio. It collaborates with international businesses in the Americas and Western Europe. The main industries served are travel, hospitality, and eco-tourism.

Olivia offers services in translation, editing/proofreading, copywriting, and transcreation from French and Spanish into English. Check out the Services page to see in detail the extent of these services. 

By discussing projects directly with clients, Olivia is able to tailor translations to their needs as a business and help them reach a larger audience when it comes to marketing materials and websites.

Examples of common projects: websites for hotels and restaurants, travel brochures, blog posts, social media posts, signage and much more.