Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a first time translation buyer, or you are more curious about the process, here is some more information about One Globe that many clients inquire about.

  • What services do you provide? I mostly do translation, proofreading, editing, and transcreation. I also have worked with content creation and subtitling.

  • Do you do interpretation? No, I work only with written texts. I do not provide interpretation services as I don't have a degree or the qualifications for this practice.

  • What does it cost? I base my prices differently for each project depending on the length, technicality, time restraints, and language pair. My rates are based off of per word rates. Contact me to get a quote for your project.

  • What languages do you support? I only translate into my native language, English. So, I work from Spanish into English and from French into English.

  • How long will my project take? It will depend on my availability and the length of your translation project. However, I can typically output 2,500 - 3,000 words per day.

  • What credentials do you have? I have B.S. in Translation Studies from Kent State University, only one of three universities in the U.S. to offer translation degrees at the bachelor's level. I also have a master's degree for Digital Marketing. In addition, I am  a member of two professional translation associations: the ATA (American Translator's Association) and NOTA (Northeast Ohio Translator's Association).