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Your next client might be around the corner or around the globe! One Globe can help your business reach new heights and market smarter through content translation, the best way to get your company recognized internationally. 


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Who and what is One Globe?

One Globe is a translation company offering services in translation, editing, transcreation, copywriting, and much more. The sole proprietor of One Globe Translation Services, Olivia Albrecht, works exclusively from Spanish and French into English. She has a B.S. in Translation Studies and has spent several years living in various European and South American countries, which allowed her to gain a great deal of cultural background in the languages she works with. Read on to learn more about One Globe and Olivia's credentials as a professional translator.


It's more than just translation!

In addition to translation, I provide services of editing, proofreading, transcreation, copywriting, localization, and English editing for non-natives

Document and website translation

Translating texts requires much more than word-for-word analyses. Transferring source text meaning while achieving well-written content takes a lot of creativity. Leave it to the experts when you need professional sounding translations

Editing and Proofreading

When editing and proofreading documents, overall readability and flow as well as correct grammar and stylistic choices are key factors for making a translation read like a native-written document.


Sometimes, translation just won't cut it. Using transcreation, a mix between translation and copywriting, for your business's

 content can create that extra wow-factor to raise your business to the international level.


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